A patent is a legal title granting its holder an exclusive right to a specific technical innovation for a limited amount of time in a specified country or region. A patent prohibits third parties from, amongst other things, making, using or selling the patented innovation without the authorization of the patent proprietor.  This arrangement is intended to motivate the disclosure of technical innovations to the public to benefit society as a whole by rewarding those who disclose innovations with a period of exclusivity.

These days it is rare for a patent application to be filed in only one country.  International applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) are frquently used as a gateway into regional and national applications to obtain multinational patent protection.  We help our clients arrive at the filing strategy that best suits their needs.

KIPA assists our clients during all phases of the patenting process including:

  • prior art searches and patentability opinions
  • preparation and filing of applications
  • prosecution of applications
  • oppositions
  • appeals