A registered trademark can be renewed in perpetuity but the trademark can be lost if the required renewal and maintenance processes are not perfromed at  designated intervals (usually every 10 years). The loss of a trademark registration can have serious commercial consequences for the owner.  KIPA offers a renewals service to our clients that is designed to ensure that deadlines are not missed and trademark registrations are renewed in a reliable and cost-effective manner.  The renewals service monitors each client’s renewal deadlines, automatically sends a reminders at the appropriate time, and attends to the renewal once authorization from the client is received.

KIPA also advises clients on the goods and/or services for which a particular registration should be renewed and whether renewal is appropriate, based on developments in each client’s business interests and a number of other factors.  In some cases overlaps in protection can arise and in other cases protection requires additional or alternative registration to reflect the way trademarks are being used.